Calico Devices don’t require a special hub, they use WiFi and connect to the WiFi network already in your home. Or they can be their own WiFi access point, and your mobile device can connect directly to them.

Powered by chatFabric, an open source communication protocol being development along side the Calico Devices – ensuring that your IoT devices are not restricted to a proprietary application, and static functionality.


What happens when the company goes out of business that runs the cloud that your expensive hardware requires to work? A Calico Device with chatFabric, does not require a cloud service to work. In fact, it doesn’t even require internet connectivity! (Though you’ll require internet connectivity to download the iOS app.)

However, chatFabric will implement cloud services, so more powerful services, actions, and notifications could be offered. Since chatFabric is open source, any Internet Service Provider could offer a chatFabric “cloud” or a consumer can mini-cloud service from your home router or computer.

Calico v3.1 Prototype Device

Calico v3.1 Protyope Device

(previously called chatFabric Device)